Brewing up some magic – Amsterdam BrewHouse

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Since my last post I’ve tried a whole host of wonderful foods cooked both at home and out. So you’ll probably see quite a few posts together in the coming days. 

Last Friday, we visited the Amsterdam BrewHouse in downtown Toronto, right by the water. We were initially supposed to go to a Blue Jays game, but we couldn’t get tickets together. Instead, we had a nice walk to water and ended up here.

We almost didn’t get in, because it was so damn busy, but luckily they managed to secure two sofa tables on the front patio for the 10 of us. We got a two appetisers for each table and a main dish each. 

The buffalo cauliflower was to die for! It was pieces of breaded cauliflower covered in a buffalo sauce, with only a hint of spice, and a homemade dill ranch dressing underneath. Now, I’m not a big lover of cauliflower, but this was absolutely beautiful. I’d eat it again any day. 

We also got a dish called Boneshaker Chedder Dip, with came with pretzel sticks. The sticks were dough and salty, which was lush, however I was disappointed with the cheese dip. It was thick and felt kind of powdery and it didn’t really taste like cheese – so quite a lot of it was left.

I got a Wood Oven Pizza for my main and opted for the Southwest Chicken. A very, very good choice in my opinion. The menus’s description was this: smoked chicken, Monterey Jack and cheddar cheese, apple butter BBQ sauce, roasted red onion, pico de gallo and chilli mayo. While it was quite moist, the tastes together were wonderful and I would definitely recommend it to anyone. 

To top it all off, we girls all shared pitchers of Sangria, which was lovely. It went down so easy and was full of tasty fruit to finish off the picture.

They also have a range of beers straight from the Amsterdam Brewery, which I had the odd little taste of. I definitely recommend this place for the views, location and the food/drink. Check it out if you’re ever downtown!

If you want to check out their menu and location, click here.


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